Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 June 2021

Waking up the Greens – David Icke and the Hardwick Alliance on why the ‘Green’ movement has lost its way and been absorbed by the global establishment and One-percent ‘elite’

On Friday 4th June 2021, the Hardwick Alliance staged a Zoom meeting to discuss the topic of “Waking up the Greens”.


The pioneers of the Green movement appear to have lost their way. Around 25 years ago they forsook their core values and adopted instead a fake green agenda centred around ‘global warming’, ‘carbon taxes’ and grand industrial alternative energy schemes. All of this constituted a major detour from the grass-roots bottom-up ecological values that informed the early pioneers.

Five Questions

The five questions addressed were:

Q1: The grass-roots supporters of the Green movement should be our natural allies. Is it possible (or even desirable) to draw those who have detoured back into the fold, so that ‘green’ predominantly stands for a united movement able to defeat the WEF’s nightmare ‘green fascism’ scenario?

Q2: HARE was formed in February 2020 to counteract the despotic centralisation of power and bastardisation of true ecology—what are the key strategies to achieve this end?

Q3: Decentralisation of power means a revival of regional and local self-empowerment—how will this work in practice?

Q4: What communication methods can be applied to reach larger audiences and offer key strategic ‘survive and thrive’ advice?

Q5: To expose the fake green ‘man-made climate change’ and ‘technocratic’ narratives, we need to present sound counter-evidence. Given that some so-called ‘climate change deniers’ have been exposed as industry shills, who are the real, credible scientists and where is the scientific evidence to support our claims?

Watch The Video Here: Waking up the Greens


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