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Biden Nominates Tom Nides as Ambassador to Israel – why does every recent US Ambassador to Israel have to be Jewish? Where’s the balance? It’s a rhetorical question, of course. Nides is also married to CNN’s senior vice president of ‘newsgathering’ (That’ll be the day)

President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced his nominees to be ambassadors to Israel, Mexico and NATO, as he moves to strengthen U.S. alliances in tough regions.

Among a slate of names announced by the White House on Tuesday were Thomas Nides, a Morgan Stanley vice-chairman who served as a deputy secretary of state under former president Barack Obama, to serve as the ambassador to Israel.

Biden also picked Ken Salazar, a former U.S. senator from Colorado and interior secretary, as his ambassador to Mexico. The country is one of the United States’ biggest trading partners and the Biden administration is working to manage immigration across the U.S.-Mexican border.

He also chose security expert Julianne Smith to represent the United States on the Council of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a key Western bulwark against Russia.

The picks include retired airline pilot C.B. “Sully” Sullenberger, most famous for negotiating the emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River with no fatalities, has been named to serve as U.S. representative on the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

As a candidate, Biden declined to rule out appointing political donors to ambassadorships or other posts if he was elected. But he pledged that his nominees, regardless of their contributor status, would be the “best people” for their posts — suggesting he would move away from former President Donald Trump’s heavy reliance on political appointees and rely more on the State Department’s well of career foreign service officers.

More than 43% of Trump’s ambassadorial appointments were political appointees, compared with 30.5% for Barack Obama and 31.8% for George W. Bush, according to the American Foreign Service Association. Biden hopes to keep political appointments to about 30% of ambassador picks, according to the White House.

“Nobody, in fact, will be appointed by me based on anything they contributed,” Biden promised last year.

All the nominees must receive Senate confirmation before they can assume their roles.

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