Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 June 2021

‘They are literally branding our kids’: Fury as teachers label unvaccinated students with black MARKERS ahead of prom at New Hampshire high school

A school has come under fire for marking its students with a black Sharpie to signal their vaccination status at prom. 

Earlier this month, students at Exeter High School in New Hampshire were marked unvaccinated and vaccinated with pen.  In a statement posted to the school web site, administrators defended the policy. During the prom, students were asked to raise their hand every few songs so that event organizers could ‘determine who they were around.’

The school said that it does not know of any COVID-19 cases linked to the prom. It said that just one of the organizers possessed a list of prom attendees in which numbers written corresponded to the names of students. ‘The prom attendee list does not have any personally identifiable information on it regarding student vaccinations and did not list the numbers assigned to students,’ according to the school.   

‘Only a single set of cards with this information exists for tracking purposes and the class advisor was the only individual that possessed them. 

‘Those cards will be destroyed in the next few days.’ 

The move sparked outrage among some parents and drew criticism from a state lawmaker. 

According to Republican state Rep. Melissa Litchfield, children who had not been vaccinated were marked with the black Sharpie.  Those who had been vaccinated were marked with a red pen. 

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