Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 14 June 2021

Hunting for Viruses: The Truth about Isolation, Genomic Sequences and Variants

Dr. Samantha Bailey from New Zealand interviewed Dr. Andrew Kaufman who has done extensive research on the COVID-19 “virus” and has shown that it has never been isolated, and therefore, cannot be proven to exist. He explained that body fluid samples are extracted from ‘infected’ people and still contains bacteria, mold, yeast, genetic material and other substances that are then added to a cell culture that is called a “virus isolation.” Dr. Kaufman said that the virus has not been isolated because it cannot be done, as the cells disintegrate into particles. He explained how the genomic sequence has been made up of more than 56 million RNA sequences. None of the virus experiments can be reproduced, so they label them variants and mutations.

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