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Registered Nurse & Certified Medical Investigator on the cancer-causing, sperm and fertility-destroying, DNA-changing, ethylene dioxide used in ‘Covid test’ swabs. So keep getting tested and test the kids at least three times a week – it obviously can’t do them any harm

Pathetic government Freedom of Information reply about cancer-causing ethylene dioxide used in ‘Covid’ test swabs

Thank you for your enquiry of 25 March 2021  relating to the safety of ethylene oxide (EO) and its use to sterilise the swabs used in lateral flow tests being used across schools in the UK. Please see our replies below.

Information as to what, if any, independent tests have been carried out to check for any residues of ethylene oxide on a random sample of swabs

The manufacturer is responsible for testing the amount of ethylene oxide left on the device after sterilisation to ensure that the residue is below the allowable limit. The allowable limit of residual EO is set by the international standard ISO 10993-7:2008.

The sterilisation process, including residual testing, is documented by the manufacturer. This documentation is reviewed by an independent third-party body called an ‘Approved Body’ (in Europe these are called ‘Notified Bodies’), before the manufacturer is allowed to manufacture swabs for the UK market. Testing on random samples of swabs by the approved body once market approval has been given is unusual. However, the ‘Approved body’ carries out periodic audits of the manufacturer’s process to ensure continued compliance. 

Each approved body has a unique identifying number that appears next to the CE (or UKCA) mark symbol on the packaging of the swab. An internet search using this number with the words ‘notified body’ should give the name and contacts for the Notified or Approved body. The MHRA audits these Approved Bodies to make sure they are fulfilling their obligations. European Notified Bodies are audited by their relevant Competent Authority.

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