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V Stop Festival 2021

V-Stop; The UK Freedom Festival is a large-scale outdoor music festival that stands opposed to the imposition of vaccine passports and the unnecessary, disproportionate conditions of operation enforced on businesses that have led to the overwhelming majority of events being cancelled in 2020 and 2021. ‘Vaccine Passports’ are a direct breach of basic human rights and are an attack on our civil liberties. Therefore, V-Stop will not be asking for proof of vaccination, nor will we insist on testing or track and tracing.

​We have had an almost two-year break in music festivals across the UK and we believe that freedom and music go hand in hand in the pursuit of happiness and wellness. This year we reject the restrictions placed upon large scale events and will be hosting a festival with a focus on health, wellbeing, music and, of course, freedom. The event will host performances by many high-profile artists who have expressed their views on the importance of upholding basic human rights, including freedom of movement and the right to free expression.

The festival will also have a strong focus on family-friendly themes. This movement is for all ages.

V-Stop Festival will partner with a new charity centred around health and wellness; offering information and guidance to those who have suffered as a direct result of lockdowns and other government restrictions, including individuals affected by vaccine injury and people who have become isolated from their communities as a direct result of government diktat.

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