Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 June 2021

Global Deception: Putting the Pieces Together

Well, if you are not aware of it yet, we are fighting for our lives in World War III. You do not see blood and soldiers fighting on the battlefield for real estate or defending a nation. This is a silent and complete psychological operational war that has every person on this planet involved, and most have no idea it is even happening. We’ve seen lockdowns, businesses destroyed, the economy crumbling, the corporate takeover of countries, and bioweapons released just to fear humanity into taking a deadly trojan horse injection. How about society moving into a cyborg slave way of life right underneath our noses?

Is all this chaos created just to drive the need for order in which oppression and death will be the end result if we do not comply? Remember, this is just the beginning of the chaos. How surreal this is for us who see what is happening, making us feel powerless to do anything substantial. As each day in the dark goes by, the battle for our freedom and pursuit of happiness gets further away from sight, because too many people are still asleep to the unreal times that are upon us. How horrible it is not knowing what, how, who, or why is behind this worldwide deception. How do we begin to defend ourselves? Imagine not knowing what is happening, how it is happening, who is doing it, and finally for what reason. Completely clueless. How disempowering that must be.

Most of us are just not in a position of worldly power and influence to know all these answers. Well, as we have been reporting over the past year of what our answers may be, we have gathered the best minds and the best evidence, whether direct or circumstantial, even in times of severe censorship and now oppression. We have combined some of the most powerful past shows over the year to assist in waking up people to what is actually occurring. So, enjoy some of the best minds and ethical truth speakers we have got to know around the world to help make sense of the unfinished puzzle and all the missing pieces we are committed to understand. If you feel like you stepped into the twilight zone, then it’s a good sign you are unplugging from the matrix, in that case, welcome to the real world. But if you believe once enough people get vaccinated, we can go back to a normal life, then I don’t know what to say; most likely your life in the matrix is about to have a sequence of pain, suffering, and death along with the other non-participating characters stuck there. So, wake up or disappear. I believe that’s what it comes down to as we find ourselves one step beyond in a world gone mad.

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