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6 Free Grammar Checker & Online Spelling Checker for Writer 2021

For any write-up to get published online or for printing purposes, online grammar control software is needed. In addition to the print media, grammar and error-free spelling texts are also very important. There must be no faults in your write-ups, when you want them to be published in online media. Therefore, a free or paid grammar checking program is recommended.

Many of the top grammar scan programs are available now. This has made it easier for authors, bloggers, researchers and students to check grammar, check spelling, and do the proofreading. The free grammar checker, online grammar checker, and paid grammatical checker programs are available as a download. The top free tools of grammar checking for various types of authors are mentioned below:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best tools accessible as a free product for grammatical inspection. It’s an online grammar review tool, available free of charge. Its commercial edition is appropriate for bloggers, web writers and others in the field of writing. This is an easy to use grammar and spelling checker tool and is encompassed with an advanced Sentence checking editor. You also get a grammar error report that contains correct sentences and grammar fixes.

Key Characteristics

  • It is available as a Chrome Browser extension so that your grammar on your e-mail and other text messages on social media can be easily corrected.
  • Grammarly operates as an add-on tool for WordPress. The owners and writers of the wordpress websites may rectify grammar faults and post them without grammar errors.
  • The premium grammar edition controls plagiarism in addition to improvements in grammar and spellings.
  • It is compatible with both iOS as well as Android, and mobile users can easily use it.

2. Prowriting Help

Prowriting help is for professional writers and is one of the best grammar checkers. If you like its features, you can try its free trial edition and go to a paid version. This tool is recommended by most friction writers. You can improve your grammar and punctuation abilities by using this program for a few months. 

Key Characteristics

  • More than 20 error reports are generated by this software.
  • It features more editing instruments than competitors.
  • The style of your writing can be decided while working with this software
  • Windows and Mac Pro Writing Help Functions, both are available

3. WhiteSmoke

For writers who utilize more than one language, Whitesmoke is the best grammar examiner. There are 63 languages included in this software, besides English, which is the common one. It is regarded as a multi-faceted Online Grammar Checker. Whitesmoke Software Company has offered a free and paid version for grammar, punctuation and sentences. 

Key Characteristics

  • For non-English speakers, it is a free grammar checker.
  • This utility is available on the top 5 web browsers.
  • For iOS and Android versions, the Whitesmoke app is available.
  • It works on OS systems from both Windows and Mac.

4. Ginger has been established by a start-up firm located in Israel and is the best grammar checker that you can find. Since 2007 it is the world’s best-known online grammar examiner. Ginger is a freemium product. However, if you don’t like it, a cashback guarantee within seven days of purchasing a premium pack is provided. The free trial version can also be used, if you don’t want to spend money on the paid subscription. They provide a budget package as compared to their competitors.

Key Characteristics

  • In addition to desktop users, Ginger is accessible as an iOS and Android app.
  • It helps fix synonymous faults in your work apart from grammar, orthography and punctuations.
  • With its premium edition you may enhance your grammatical abilities through online video tutorials.
  • You can review the subject-verb agreement in your documents with this tool.

5. Google Docs and Microsoft Word

It is one of the popular software for low-budget grammar inspectors and proofreaders. It enables you to check in 100 languages, the grammar, orthography and punctuation. For any non-native English writer, it is the ideal grammar inspector. The paid version begins at $5 per month. It is offered as a G-suit, which business people may best use.

Key Characteristics

  • You may view grammar corrections in Google Docs using this Sentence checking editor.
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS, all work best with this software
  • It is the best online grammar control system to check for typos errors.
  • You can check synonyms and provide ideas for orthography

6. SpellCheckPlus

Spellcheckplus, for non-native English speakers, is the best grammar checker. You can free your content of orthodoxy, typos, grammar, and punctuation errors by copying and pasting up to 2000 characters. The paid edition costs only $14.99 when you want to check more than 2000 characters. You can also check grammar errors for a year from the date of payment.

Key Characteristics

  • The application provides a virtual type teacher for all authors who speak English as their second language.
  • Errors can be easily corrected, as the errors are suggested proactively
  • This tool scans for unnecessary words and proposes that your text can be corrected
  • It can scan, extract and provide suggestions in different languages 

Thus, we have seen different grammar and spelling checkers, along with their different features. If you also want to have impeccable grammar and write-ups, you can try one among the different options mentioned above.

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