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The Liverpool Care Pathway – #WeNeedToTalkAboutMidazolam

Midazolam. It should be the word that is on everyone’s lips. If it isn’t we can assure you it will be by the time we’ve finished exposing one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed. We have the evidence midazolam may have been used to prematurely end the lives of thousands upon thousands of people in the United Kingdom, who you were told died due to Covid-19. But there is also evidence emerging this hasn’t just happened in the United Kingdom, it is in fact a world-wide issue. 

But before we can reveal the evidence we need you to understand what midazolam is. Which is why we released our article ‘We need to talk about midazolam…’ on the 3rd June, and that’s why today we want to talk to you about the Liverpool Care Pathway…

The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) was a scheme that we’re told intended to improve the quality of care in the final hours or days of a patient’s life. It’s alleged aim was to ensure a peaceful and comfortable death. The LCP was a guide to doctors, nurses and other health workers looking after someone who was dying on issues such as the appropriate time to remove tubes providing food and fluid, or when to stop medication.

The LCP was developed during the late 1990’s at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, in conjunction with the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute. Palliative care is medical treatment designed to make people with terminal illness feel as comfortable as possible – both physically and emotionally. It can be used to relieve symptoms but not cure a condition.

The LCP involved reviews of – 

  • whether any further medications and tests (such as taking the patient’s temperature or blood pressure) would be helpful
  • how to keep the patient as comfortable as possible, for example, by adjusting their position in bed or providing regular mouth care (some illnesses or treatments can cause over- or underproduction of saliva)
  • whether artificial fluids should be given, when a patient has stopped being able to eat or drink
  • the patient’s spiritual or religious needs


In 2013 an independent review was carried out by Baroness Neuberger, who recommended discontinuation of the Liverpool Care Pathway. Why was there a review? Because it was applied to patients without their families’ knowledge and when they still had a chance of recovery. Doctors in the NHS were withdrawing treatment, heavily sedating the patient, and removing the tubes which provided food and fluid in the last 24 hours of their life.

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