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In Honor of Rosa Koire, Truth teller, author of Behind the Green Mask, who passed away on Memorial Day, May 31, 2021

A great treasure and voice of reason, Rosa Koire’s incalculable contributions and commitment to the liberation of humanity from the UN Agenda 21/ 2030 will forever be remembered. Her tireless work and dedication to freedom inspired countless people around the world from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Her insights allowed many to see what would otherwise have been obscure or omitted from the needed discussions about the world’s activities, providing timely opposition to planned ecogenocide.  Let us pray for Rosa and her loved ones and continue on the path she forged to win this war for humanity.  -JD

“If you’ve been wanting an interesting, clearly written, how-to-manual for identifying and fighting UN Agenda 21, here it is. Agenda 21–All the information you need to understand what is happening in your town, why it’s happening, who is behind it, and what you can do to stop it. BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21 is 172 pages of truth. Part history, part current events, part hand-to-hand combat, and part blueprint for keeping your freedom, this is one book that you’ll put to work immediately. Boots on the ground and all hands on deck is the order of the day. Awareness is the first step in the Resistance.”

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