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The Talented Dr. Fauci: How the Highest Paid Technocrat in DC Kept Reinventing Himself to Escape Accountability

UPDATE May 31st, 2021 10:12 PM EST: this article is updated with a stunning revelation that the National Institute of Health, under the leadership of Anthony Fauci, funded researchers who tested AIDS drugs on hundreds of foster children. Details below.

In the long and fabled chronicle of movies that Matt Damon has performed during his illustrious Hollywood career, there is one role that stands out above the rest in demonstrating his astounding acting prowess. I’m referring to the way Damon brilliantly played the part of a pathological liar in “the Talented Mr. Ripley” and movingly conveyed how a sociopath was able to deceive a litany of people in order to gain access to the closed societies of the uber wealthy and the amenities they enjoy by virtue of their riches.

The way Tom Ripley was accepted into the the upper strata of the aristocracy was by donning a green Princeton coat in order to bamboozle a shipping magnate who eventually paid him to convince his son Dickie to return to the United States mistakenly believing that Tom was his son’s classmate. What many fail to see is that “the Talented Mr. Ripley” was a incisive critique of the way human beings accept soulless grifters as leaders by virtue of their titles, white coats, wealth and status. The unhealthy idolization of personalities and the way we degrade ourselves to worship sociopaths will eventually be the death of us the same way that Dickie was killed by Tom Ripley after accepting a snake as a friend.

Proving that art is a direct reflection of humanity, I turn your attention to the talented Dr. Anthony Fauci. The same way that Tom Ripley leveraged his coat in order to gain Dickie’s father’s trust, Dr. Fauci has weaponized his white lab coat to dupe hundreds of millions of people even though he is a proven liar who has a long history of abysmal failures dating back to the 1980s. Over and over again, this slick talking cobra has hissed his way out of accountability and triangulated in ways that would put Bill Clinton to shame to evade much deserved firings. What you are about to read in this article is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the long list of malfeasances and acts of criminal negligence that Dr. Fauci has committed during his tenure at the National Institute of Health.

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