Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 30 May 2021

Health Ranger warns covid vaccines are using “social behavior spreading” to exterminate humans in the same way ant colonies are poisoned

(Natural News) In his May 20, 2021, “Situation Update,” Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discussed how the vaccine “deep state” is deliberately spreading the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “spike” protein through the “vaccines” in an act of bioterrorism

He talked about the many ways this is being done through coercion, intimidation, and even secrecy, with planes or drones possibly dumping spike proteins in the air so people breathe them in unknowingly, or in the water so people drink them.

Another interesting analogy he brought up during the segment is how the mass injection campaign for the Chinese Virus is oddly similar in its approach to the way that an exterminator might try to kill an ant colony.

The “bait” is telling people that they can get a free donut or hamburger – or if they are really lucky, a gift certificate to Starbucks – in exchange for rolling up their sleeves. Once injected, these people then bring the shedding spike proteins back to their friends, families and neighbors through “social behavior spreading” of the disease.

It doesn’t kill the ant that picked it up,” Adams noted, speculating that perhaps some injected people will not show symptoms, at least not immediately. “It’s a slow-acting kind of death poison and it spreads to the other ants and kills them all and kills the nest: that’s what the vaccine is for humanity.”

“It’s treating us like ants, and the ant bait is what they’re handing out for people who get the vaccines – here, have a free donut, have a free beer in New Jersey, here, you get a hamburger! This is like ant bait for moronic idiot humans,” he further explained. Be sure to watch the full segment below:


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