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Cafe Charging $5 Fee for Mask-Wearing Customers

A cafe in Northern California is taking heat from mask lovers after its owner instituted a new policy charging $5 if customers wear face coverings.

The sign posted outside Fiddlehead’s Cafe in Mendocino informs patrons they’ll incur a $5 surcharge if they order masked. The owner of Fiddlehead’s, Chris Castleman, says he put the sign up because of the treatment he received over masks during the pandemic.

“I’ve been told this whole time that wearing a mask is a small price to pay,” Castleman told SFGate. “Some people get shocked by the sign but to see them turn around and get disgusted … when they’re asked to pay $5 [for charity], it’s not in their wheelhouse. It’s not something they’re choosing to do.” Castleman says some customers have paid the fee while others have gotten upset over the charitable contribution.

The cafe owner says he’s keeping the sign, which went up Monday, posted for a few more months as he believes the county will keep mask orders in place.

Over at the leftist publication RawStory, irate far left commenters blasted Castleman for daring to defy the cult of the masks. “I can’t wait to hear he died from Covid,” one commenter stated.

“GET THE F**K OUT OF CALIFORNIA, YOU UNETHICAL C**KSUCKER!” another person stated. Back in April, Fiddlehead’s also ran a promotion giving customers 50% off their order if they threw their masks in the trash.

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