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Plumbing services you can do yourself

Although hiring a professional for your plumbing services is good, there are few plumbing jobs you can do around the house to save some cost. Most often, they don’t require too much expertise to fix. In most cases, it may require a few screws and unscrewing some joints.

More so, with the right tools, you can fix the plumbing yourself without too much hassle. Nonetheless, with exception of the plumbing jobs listed below, carrying out other plumbing jobs may cause more damage. In fact, in some regions, if you are not a licensed plumber, you are not permitted by law to rectify any plumbing mishap.

DIY Plumbing Jobs

The list may not be as long as you expected, but if you can do some of the plumbing repairs listed here yourself, you would have saved a few dollars. Here we go :

  • Leaky Fauce t: Replacing or fixing a leaky faucet is quite straightforward. However, this may depend on the type of faucet you are using. In most cases, you simply have to detach the faucet from the main hold and screw in the new one. Nonetheless, if yours requires more than detaching or unscrewing it, then you may have to call a professional plumber.
  • Unclog a Sink : You can unclog your sink with a ½ cup of vinegar and baking soda. Mix both and pour them inside the sink.  However, if this doesn’t work, you can check the U-shaped p-trap side of the plumbing pipe. Before you unscrew the p-trap, turn off the water. Then place a bucket beneath it so the water doesn’t pour on your floor. Then remove the debris in the U-shaped p-trap pipe. 
  • Frozen Pipe : Usually, during winter, the pipes get frozen. Water and waste may not flow through. Just switch to hot water and switch on the tap. It will instant unfreeze your pipes

Other simple plumbing jobs you can do are: 

  • Replacing your shower head ;
  • Replacing your drop valve washer.

The Risk of Doing plumbing jobs Yourself

No doubt there is some risk attached to carrying out a plumbing job yourself. You may either worsen the problem or cause more damage to other parts of your home. Also, if the fault is so severe that it would need an insurance claim, you may be left on your own if the insurance company discovers that the job was done by an unlicensed practitioner. 

Also, the product warranty may become void if the company uncovers that you did the plumbing job yourself. In other words, it appears safer to get a licensed plumber to do most of your plumbing jobs.

Wrapping Up

The advantage of using licensed Plumbing Services in Brussels to carry out your plumbing jobs cannot be overemphasized. It is cost-effective if you are dealing with an experienced plumbing services provider. Aside from that, you are sure of also getting a quality job done. Finally, most top plumbing service providers are insured too. That way you are sure that your property is safe. 

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