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All the official and media sources who have lied by the hour for well over a year about ‘Covid’ are now pushing the ‘Wuhan lab outbreak’ narrative and great chunks of the alternative media believe them – absolutely SHOCKING

The UK government issued a statement asserting that “all possible theories” as to the origin of COVID-19 must be explored, becoming the latest official entity to refuse to rule out the lab leak explanation.

The WHO’s investigation into the source of the pandemic outbreak must be “robust, transparent, and independent” and needs to “explore all possible theories,” said the government.

“The investigation needs to explore all possible theories on how COVID-19 made that jump from animals to humans and how it spread and that’s vital to ensure we learn lessons from this crisis and prevent another global pandemic,” Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said. When asked directly about the theory that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab, the spokesman responded, “We want to let the WHO investigation run thoroughly and be carried out properly and then make a judgment from that.”

That might be difficult given that the WHO already performed a cursory investigation during which they visited the Wuhan lab for just three hours before leaving and absolving China of blame.

As we highlighted yesterday, the weight of prominent voices who have previously been platformed by the establishment now refusing to rule out the lab leak theory has made it untenable to continue to pretend that the issue can be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory.” Both current and former CDC Directors, credible groups of scientists and Dr. Anthony Fauci himself have all recently asserted that the lab leak origin is either possible or likely.

Details of a U.S. intelligence report revealed yesterday also highlighted how at least three researchers working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalised in mid November 2019 with symptoms matching those of COVID-19.

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