Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 May 2021

Cult-Owned ‘Woke’ Oregon Imposes Vaccine Passports, Demands Compliance

The Fascist state of Oregon has become the first state to mandate vaccination in order to be able to take your face mask off when entering businesses, churches, government buildings, etc. This is the resurrection of Jim Crow laws but based on a vaccine instead of skin color.

Essentially, you will be forced to wear a mask forever unless and until you can prove that you are vaccinated.

It has come to this. Oregon health officials have approved the rollout of vaccine passports, requiring houses of worship, employers, and businesses to check the vaccine records of adherents, employees, or customers in exchange for being able to take off their masks indoors.

That’s right: in order to gain freedom from masks indoors, Oregonians must show their papers to prove they’ve complied with state’s unique and oppressive plan to get more people vaccinated. Presumably, people unwilling to show their papers will be reported. Businesses and other entities under the new rules will be “investigated” if they’re found breaking the rules.

Liberal feminist Dr. Naomi Wolf was in Oregon the day the vaccine passports were imposed. She’s recently labeled vaccine passports tyrannical and called it straight-up discrimination.

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