Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 24 May 2021

Hounded by medical tyrants, a doctor who believes in vitamins

MEDICAL tyranny is getting progressively worse – as we’ve seen with the hard sell accompanying the Covid-19 vaccination rollout.  

This pattern has been creeping up on us for years, and doctors using treatments or therapies that are not drug-based, or who criticise recommended drugs and therapies, are at risk of being reported to the General Medical Council. 

The GMC governs all registered doctors and surgeons, and holds ultimate power over the careers of rogue practitioners. Its remit allows it to strike off any doctor for serious professional misconduct and it erased 90 doctors from the medical register last year. 

However, it only sent Dr Harold Shipman, who killed 459 patients, a warning letter, and failed to strike off Dr Jane Barton, who shortened the lives of around 650 patients with ‘excessive, inappropriate and potentially hazardous’ amounts of opiates.  

Dr Barton was found guilty of serious professional misconduct, but instead of erasing her name, the GMC issued her with a list of 11 conditions relating to practice. Her brother, Dr Christopher Bulstrode, was a senior administrator at the GMC at the time, although he took no part in the investigation. 

Now internet trolls and unidentified sources, not patients, have begun making malicious complaints about any doctor who vociferously adds vitamins to their prescribing protocols, or speaks out against other drugs, vaccines in particular. 

Vitamins have been regulated by the Department of Health since 2011, and despite numerous papers showing how the antioxidant vitamin C deals with infection, and how vitamin D boosts the immune system, they are still considered ‘alternative’ and avoided by most GPs. 

Vaccines are capable of harm. The swine flu vaccine Pandemrix was withdrawn for causing the chronic drowsiness disorder narcolepsy, and two versions of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) jab were scrapped because they caused the brain inflammation encephalitis. 

Problems happen with drugs, while vitamins are a great accessory to any medicine cabinet. However, GP Dr Sarah Myhill, revered by her patients, has been investigated by the GMC a staggering 38 times!  

Her crime, according to complaints, is using vitamins before prescription meds and criticising PACE (Pacing, graded Activity, and Cognitive behaviour therapy) and its authors to the GMC. 

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