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Five Types Of Lawyers You’re Likely To Need

By: Kim Hemphry

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There are many different areas of the law where an attorney can practice. If someone wants representation in a criminal case, they should not contact a lawyer whose specialty is maritime law. When someone is facing a situation where they need legal representation, they should figure out the type of attorney to best represent them.

1. Personal Injury Attorney

Nobody anticipates the day they will have an accident that could forever change their life, but it does happen. When someone has been injured as a result of the negligence of another, they will need the legal representation of a personal injury attorney. These attorneys are skilled at getting fair compensation for the damages and losses experienced by their clients. They know insurance companies and other defendants will try to pay as little as possible to satisfy a claim. These legal professionals know how to negotiate with insurance companies and get their clients fair compensation. Many of them will work on a contingency basis. This means these attorneys only receive payment when they win their client’s case. They can handle car accidents, slip and fall claims, medical malpractice cases, dog attacks cases, and more.

2. Family Attorney

This is the area of the law that deals with family matters. These attorneys know how to handle situations involving establishing parentage, prenuptial agreements, child custody, divorce, adoption, and more. In some places, it is a requirement for individuals to have legal representation before they sign a prenuptial agreement. This is necessary unless this right is expressly waived. It is common for family issues that need legal involvement to start after a marriage begins. Divorces can be complicated and involve money, children, businesses, and more. Family lawyers are experienced in making certain their client’s rights are protected in these situations. They advise their clients about what they may be entitled to based on established law. Without legal representation, a person risks waiving their rights to custody as well as visitation rights when it comes to their children.

3. Probate And Estate Planning Attorney

There are important legal issues that must be addressed in estates and during probate. An attorney in this legal specialty can create conservatorships, probate wills, deal with emancipation as well as guardianship, and more. When a will is probated, property is distributed after an individual passes away. This is done under court supervision. Guardianship involves an adult being appointed by a court to care for a minor child’s property. This could be a trust fund. A court can also appoint someone to care for a minor child. When a minor child is legally given specific rights of an adult, it is known as emancipation. A conservatorship is established when an adult is appointed by the court to care for another adult who is unable to provide their own care. Estate planning will involve drafting wills to be enacted when an individual passes away. It could include cash as well as real property distribution and more.

4. Real Estate Attorney

When there are legal issues involving structures, land, and water rights, a real estate attorney can help. They also know how to handle cases involving property disputes and more. A real estate attorney can help a person who has had a lien placed on their property that they want to be removed. They will know how to create an easement if necessary. Homes and businesses can be impacted by changes in zoning classifications or movement of boundary lines and more. Some real estate negotiations and property transfers can be quite complicated. A real estate attorney will know how to negotiate and handle all the details of such a transaction.

5. Criminal Defense Attorney

When a person is charged with a crime, arrested, and read their Miranda rights, they will need legal representation by someone who is experienced in dealing with criminal proceedings. These attorneys will know how to handle prosecutors, protect their client’s rights, negotiate plea agreements, and more. These legal professionals are experienced in finding flaws in a prosecution’s case and know what it takes to keep their client out of jail. They know how to gather evidence to benefit their clients as well as file the necessary motions. If a client’s case goes to trial, these attorneys will be able to present the best possible legal defense. Should their client be found guilty, they know how to use the appeal process.

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