Posted by Rob Mazak (Staff Author) Posted on 21 May 2021

Brain Waves Matter

Yes I am jumping in with all the groups that say they matter….sort of.  The title of this article is Brain Waves Mater and likely appears to be a very simple phrase, however, it is much more complicated than it seems.  Brain Waves do matter, yet, the spelling of matter is different, it is that they “mater”.  So, let me break this down for you a little more. 

First, I will discuss where this phrase came from for this article.  This phrase was given to me in my dreams one night, and not just given to me, but repeated over and over with the emphasis on the last word, “mater”.  Dreams are an interesting medium for receiving all kinds of information, guidance, and intuition.  There are many scholars that suggest that our soul travels to many other dimensions, timelines, and astral planes every time that we fall asleep.  Others suggest that we are simply connecting better with our subconscious mind as our conscious mind slips out of the equation.  The subconscious certainly has a reputation for being the link to all there is, all there was, and all there shall be – sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Perhaps we are simply a command audience for spiritual entities, such as angels, to be able to communicate to us without our conscious mind getting in the way.  Regardless of where this information comes from, there have been many documented accounts of invaluable information being received during our dream state. 

I think that most of know what brain waves might be, and how they might be measured, but what about the “mater” part of this phrase.  What is unique about this word being in the phrase is that our brain and spinal cord is covered by three layers, one being the “dura mater”.  This roughly translates to “tough mother” and is the thicker and tougher layer that helps protect our brain and spinal cord, while also forming a container for the cerebral spinal fluid that bathes and nourishes the brain and spinal cord.  Most obviously, the brain is our computer, the magnificent array of billions of nerves and connections that processes what we perceive as our reality; and just like a computer, our brain works using waves or patterns.  The basic meaning that I received about this phrase is that there is a strong protector, covering one of the most elaborate computing structures on this planet, and allowing our brain to connect and resonate with our earth and our reality. 

Brain waves are a very important part of the encoding of our reality and how we thrive in this world.  These waves generally resonate at the same rate as our mother earth does, so we are truly and specifically designed to have a connection with this world.  But what happens when these waves become out of sync?  When our brain waves are out of sync, we begin to find ourselves entrapped in many physical and emotional disorders, disease, and dysfunction.  Our ever-growing technology has truly begun to affect our health and mental wellbeing.  We do begin to become like our environment and fire out of sequence when we subject ourselves to this technology and the high resonating energy soup that has become the nom.  Our brains are designed to operate at a frequency or wave at 7.38 cycles per second, however we are steadily bombarded by super high resonating energy with our technology.  We are currently being bathed in the new 5G technology and that is having devastating effects on our brain. 5G equates to 5 billion cycles per second; can you imagine what that might do to the normal brain waves?

It is no wonder why we have so many more problems with ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and complex trauma, to name a few.  When the elephant in the room, the 5G elephant, is the dominant frequency, the lower operating frequency of our brain gets knocked out of sequence.  I know that it is difficult to escape all the frequencies of our 5G, 4G, and all the other electromagnetic energy that is saturated in our environment, however, there are certainly ways that we can minimize the direct interaction.  Our “tough mother” cannot hold back all the energy and frequency disruption of the technology soup we find ourselves in; unfortunately, it will likely get worse before it gets better. 

Interestingly, energy waves will try to equalize and try to synchronize to the same frequency; this is basically what the definition of entrainment is.  If you took 3 violins and tuned two of them to the same frequency, and the third to a slightly different frequency, eventually the third one would begin to become the same as the dominant frequency of the other 2 violins.  Can you imagine how hard our bodies are working to try and protect our minds from becoming entrained with all the high frequencies of our technology?  Outside of wearing a lead suit and not using any technology, what can be done to realign the proper brain cycles?

Meditation is the answer.  Done correctly, we can realign our mind, body and DNA and entrain them all to operate off the natural cycles that we have all been encoded with.  The purpose of this article is not necessarily to teach you the proper way to meditate, but to bring to your attention that we all possess the tools to be able to realign ourselves.  Our entire body is simply energy that is arranged specifically to be you, and we have the energy and ability within ourselves that is needed to create anything we want, especially to create perfect health and an aligned existence. 

Our brain waves really do “mater”!  Isn’t it time that we took advantage of our innate ability to heal ourselves and protect ourselves from the environment that is difficult to escape from?  It is time to take charge of your existence and entrain your brain waves to resonate at their natural and optimal state.

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