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Dawn of vaccine passports: EU is set to agree this week to allow in British tourists who can prove they’ve had genetically-manipulating shots and ‘passengers from US’ (All planned from the start)

The EU is expected to sign off on plans for Britons who have had both jabs to fly to Europe without having to quarantine or take a Covid test. 

The European Union’s new plan would see member states adopting uniform entry requirements, meaning vaccinated holidaymakers from low-risk countries – such as the UK – would be able to enter France, Spain, Italy and other hotspots. Britain will be included on an EU expanded ‘green list’ of permitted holiday travel on Wednesday as the bloc’s ambassadors are set to confirm a European Commission proposal lift restrictions on well-vaccinated nations, it is understood. 

It will also be recommended that member states prepare digital portals allowing Britons to use the NHS app as a vaccine passport, the Daily Telegraph reports.  Those without vaccinations will be required to present a negative Covid test or evidence of immunity.

The news comes just as the ban on non-essential travel was lifted and Downing Street doubled down on its insistence that people should only be holidaying in the 12 countries on the ‘green list’. They should not be travelling to the dozens of popular destinations on the ‘amber list’ unless it is essential, a spokesman said.   

And Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Britons should not travel to amber or red list countries or territories ‘unless you have an exceptional reason’. 

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