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‘Covid vaccines’ have been linked with more than 10.5 thousand deaths across EU countries and caused 405,259 serious adverse reactions according to official database which only includes between one and ten percent of incidents

The latest update to the European database ‘EudraVigilance‘ on reported adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines shows a tragic amount of serious adverse reactions including death have occurred across EU countries.

The EurdraVigilance database in similar to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme seen in the UK in which adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines can be reported. However it is much more similar to the VAERS database seen in the US due as it is a searchable database, unlike the MHRA Yellow Card scheme which simply provides a weekly update of total reactions with no data given on age or sex of the person who has suffered the adverse reaction.

EudraVigilance is a system designed for collecting reports of suspected side effects. These reports are used for evaluating the benefits and risks of medicines during their development and monitoring their safety following their authorisation in the European Economic Area (EEA). EudraVigilance has been in use since December 2001.

This website was launched to comply with the EudraVigilance Access Policy, which was developed to improve public health by supporting the monitoring of the safety of medicines and to increase transparency for stakeholders, including the general public.

The Management Board of the European Medicines Agency first approved the EudraVigilance Access Policy in December 2010. A revision was adopted by the Board in December 2015 based on the 2010 pharmacovigilance legislation. The policy aims to provide stakeholders such as national medicines regulatory authorities in the EEA, the European Commission, healthcare professionals, patients and consumers, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and research organisations, with access to reports on suspected side effects.

Transparency is a key guiding principle of the Agency, and is pivotal to building trust and confidence in the regulatory process. By increasing transparency, the Agency is better able to address the growing need among stakeholders, including the general public, for access to information.

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