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Brain of Britain Andrew Lloyd Webber says ‘selfish’ people who refuse ‘Covid’ jab are as bad as drink-drivers – Yes refusing an untested genetically-manipulating gene therapy is as selfish as a Lloyd Webber is stupid

Andrew Lloyd Webber has warned ministers not to let ‘selfish’ vaccine-refusers derail plans for the final stages of easing the lockdown. The musical composer today said those who wouldn’t have a Covid jab ‘are as bad as drink drivers’, and that they were affecting ‘an enormous number of people’s jobs and livelihoods’.  

While restrictions on theatres were lifted this morning, Lord Lloyd Webber said he would not be opening shows in his venues until all measures are scrapped, as it was ‘too costly’ to play to reduced audiences.

But he warned that people who refused to take a vaccine when offered were jeopardising the June 21 date for the final stage of England’s road map, when remaining restrictions are meant to be eased.

peaking to BBC Radio 4’s World At One he said: ‘Look at it this way. You could just say “I would like to go out and have a drink tonight and drive home and accidentally I kill somebody”. ‘Now it seems to be that nobody’s going to go out and deliberately infect anybody with Covid but it’s completely wrong if we know the science.

‘We know that the vaccines are very effective and we know that they are really broadly speaking unbelievably safe. ‘I think the Queen put it rather well when she said we had to think of other people in all of this.’

He added that the June 21 date for the final unlocking was ‘absolutely critical’, warning: ‘If that doesn’t happen, I really don’t even want to think about it.

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