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Baby Becomes World’s Youngest Person to Get Two Pfizer ‘Covid-19 Vaccine’ Doses

A baby involved in clinical trials into the effects of COVID vaccinations among children has reportedly become the youngest person in the world to get two Pfizer jabs against the disease.

The federal government has only approved the vaccine for children as young as 12. However, Mike and Marissa Mincolla, both doctors from Baldwinsville, New York, said they had no qualms about their eight-month-old son, Vincenzo, or “Enzo” being administered with two doses of the vaccine at Upstate Medical University.

“We both feel it’s important to end this pandemic, and the quickest and safest way is to vaccinate our way out of it,” Mike Mincolla said, according to Enzo is among 16 babies involved in phase one of trials at four sites in the U.S. into the effects of the Pfizer vaccine on children under five.

Joseph Domachowske, a pediatric infectious disease doctor at Upstate, said that Enzo was the youngest to get the two doses, which at three micrograms taken three weeks apart, was one-tenth of the vaccine quantity that adults get. Micolla said that his son did not experience any side effects, slept and ate normally and was not irritable. He hoped this experience would ease concerns among his own patients who may be reluctant about the jab.

“I tell them, ‘I feel so comfortable with this vaccine I gave it to my seven-month-old child,'” he said. “It’s safe, effective and it works.” The couple has enrolled their four-year-old daughter for the trial. “We are helping science and evidence-based medicine,” he added.

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