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Israel kills children, doctors in horrific nighttime massacre

Israel in the early hours of Sunday night obliterated multiple generations of families when it bombed their homes in Gaza.

Around 1 am, Israeli warplanes launched a savage bombing campaign lasting at least an hour, firing 50 missiles at the area surrounding al-Wihda street in Gaza City.

Without warning, the bombs hit residential buildings, bringing them down on top of those inside.

The death toll from the attack has risen to 42, including 10 children and 16 women. Fifty more were wounded.

Two prominent doctors were among the dead.

As of Sunday evening, rescuers were still searching for survivors under the rubble.

This has raised the death toll in Gaza since Israel’s bombing campaign began last Monday to at least 192, including 58 children and 34 women, according to the health ministry in the territory.

More than 1,200 people have been injured.

In the attack early Sunday, multiple generations of the al-Qawlaq family – at least 17 people – were killed. The youngest victim, Qusay Sameh al-Qawlaq, was 6 months old, and the oldest was 84-year-old Saadiya Yousef al-Qawlaq.

Israel also bombed civic infrastructure, businesses and the main roads leading to the city’s al-Shifa hospital, according to Al-Mezan, a human rights group in the territory.

An official from Gaza’s health ministry said Israel deliberately targets roads, preventing wounded Palestinians from getting medical care.

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