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Cryptocurrency friendly countries you will like to visit

The flexibility and universal acceptability of cryptocurrency have made it one of the most popular entities in today’s time. Although there are many other currencies, cryptocurrency is the most flexible one because it has no geographical barrier. If you have cryptocurrency, you can travel to any part of the world. 

The game-changer of the digital market, Bitcoin, has proved to be a blessing in today’s time. Many countries are working towards implementing the change by adopting this technology. Cryptocurrency is one of the finest inventions in today’s time as it dominates almost all sectors of the world. 

Well, certain countries are completely ruled over by cryptocurrency. If you have one, make sure to visit these cool places. 


Malta was the first nation to have accepted cryptocurrency or blockchain technology positively with open arms. If it moves at such a pace, soon, it will turn out to be an island for blockchain technology. 

Malta is also the home to several blockchains and cryptocurrency startups. Therefore, we can also expect the coming in of crypto banks in Malta soon. Unlike many countries where crypto is banned, Malta is working towards raising awareness about this technology. 

The government of Malta has also set out new rules and regulations regarding the use of blockchain technology. Soon, it will become the world’s first largest hub for the growth of blockchain technology. 

The United States

Maximum traders of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, belong to the United States. From the initial stages only, The United States is one of those countries that had promoted the use of cryptocurrencies. 

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown to such an extent in the US that there are crypto banks and ATMs too. Many industries and companies in the silicon-valley are working towards promoting the use of bitcoin. Texas and Montana are a few of the states that are promoting the growth of Blockchain startups. 

Many traders have been using platforms like Coinbase, Bitcoin Era to start with their cryptocurrency trading. 


Israel has seen massive growth in the stock market recently. Many citizens were inclined towards the use of this platform. Undoubtedly, it also introduced blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading to the citizens. 

With so many people taking an interest in cryptocurrency and virtual currencies, the government of Israel has happily welcomed the move. Israel is one of the top financial centres in the world. Hence, for the country to join the cryptocurrency movement comes as a shock for none. 

Israel has shown massive positive breakthroughs in terms of cryptocurrencies. Israel is one of the few countries to have Bitcoin merchants and ATMs. So, if you have an interest in Bitcoins, you should consider visiting Israel. 


Japan is probably the place where the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, took birth. It is the only country to have stringent regulations regarding the use of cryptocurrencies. Hence, Japan contributes to maximum cryptic exchange between the world. 

Crypto has also been recognised as a legal tender. Hence, the traders and investors can settle down with clear tax rules. Japan even has the Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association with around 20 companies, especially the corporate authorities dealing with regulations. The authority is responsible for rolling out the use and rules of crypto exchanges in Japan. 


Although not big, it has an important place in the list of cryptocurrency countries. While Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are banned in some of the world’s major cities, it is pretty popular in a small country like Luxembourg. 

Cryptos are hailed to be flexible and tangible assets in Luxembourg. Hence, there are no tax regulations on these until they have been disposed of. The crypto transactions are also free from Value added tax. 


Switzerland is home to Zug, one of the most significant valleys of cryptocurrencies. The valley is itself focused on raising awareness and bringing developments in blockchain technology to this country. 

Switzerland has also rolled out tax-free regulations for its cryptocurrency traders. Apart from being blockchain-friendly, the crypto atmosphere of the place is changing. Over the years, it has attracted several investors, and many more are likely to come too. Switzerland is also the country to have promoted several blockchain products like Xapo, DFINITY and Ethereum. 

Cryptocurrency is the future. And it’s a commendable move that so many countries around the world are finally accepting. While cryptocurrency is already popular in many nations, it is yet to develop its name. 

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