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Bitcoin: The swindle of the century

Bitcoin is one of the most valued and traded cryptocurrencies in today’s time. Over the years, the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed the most. While there are several cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the one that has been the major focus of interest for coin creators and investors.

What is Bitcoin? 

For anyone who doesn’t know what Bitcoin is, they’re the ones living under the rocks. Well, Bitcoin is one of the most-valued digital currencies in today’s time. It is launched as an alternative for paper money. Investors can easily indulge in buying and selling Bitcoins. Most of the beginners prefer starting with fractional trading of Bitcoin, considering that it is so expensive. 

The value of Bitcoin has literally gone from $0 to $20,000. Traders are looking forward to more increase in the value of Bitcoins. Ever since Bitcoin took off, several other cryptocurrencies came into being too. The latest one being Dogecoin. After Elon Musk’s tweet, the value of Dogecoin seems to keep rising too. The day isn’t far ahead when Dogecoin will become the next Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin has been the centre of interest for accounting firms, corporate consumers and accounting firms. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 with the aim that it will be one the future of money. Large corporate organizations surely have an essential role to play in establishing and increasing the value of Bitcoin. 

While Bitcoin is beneficial, there are some negative impacts too. The users of the dark web mostly use Bitcoin for making transactions as it is decentralized. However, the major cryptocurrencies are being protected using blockchain technology. 

Is Bitcoin really the swindle of the century? 

The existence of Bitcoin has brought a massive change. It is changing how the currency system is functioning. As said, it is in the interest of investors. There are specific trading platforms for these cryptocurrencies. Investors use platforms like coin base, bitcoin up to start with their investing. 

The main aim of using Bitcoin is that it will help reduce the overall amount. The concept of purchase and profit has attracted investors. But, there’s a huge risk of attack too. The use of Bitcoin is unregulated and complicated. The concept of “when anyone can buy in, anyone can profit” is highly problematic. This is mostly because Bitcoin being a decentralized platform, gives in the way for hacking. 

Bitcoin is surely one great invention in today’s time, but like most cryptocurrencies, it gives way for fraudulent activities. The rate at which Bitcoin is growing ensures that it is the next big thing in the coming time. In several countries where Bitcoin is legal, one can buy a pizza in a hotel room. While it may sound attractive, Bitcoin has surely helped a lot. 

Bitcoin is great, but one needs to be very careful with its regulation. It might as well be a bubble that can burst up anytime. In the dark web, Bitcoin is mostly used for regulating transactions for drug and illegal weapons. The scammers are using Bitcoin as their latest medium for conducting illicit activities. 


Using Bitcoin has some of the real-time benefits to look forward to. The introduction of Bitcoin has paved the way for the entire cryptocurrency movement. However, the unpredictability of Bitcoin is one of the real dangers. 

The technology is, however, paving the way for hype and deceptions. Blockchain technology is keeping an eye on ensuring the security of the website. This technology also helps to create a safer medium for data transfers. Even regulating gold coins was not this secure. 

One of the main reasons blockchain technology has been helpful today is that observers don’t control it. Changing one code would mean altering the entire system. Hence, not even the most experienced hackers can get into using or highlighting the codes. The high level of security for blockchain technology is paving the way for the protection of real assets. However, individuals and banks are contributing to the cryptocurrency protection movement. 

Bitcoin has surely paved the way for transformation. It has become one of the best ways for conducting your business online. It is neither wholly safe nor completely fraudulent. Hence, if you’re careful with the use of Bitcoins, you can make a significant profit. Bitcoin has been helpful and transforming the way of working for cryptocurrencies. 

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