Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 16 May 2021

10 Things I Miss in Life Before the World Went COVID Insane

Life has never been the same since this planned pandemic with various differences depending on which country you live in. For those in North America, the situation continues to become suffocating for people and the economy dancing around the border of total collapse. Many have fell into depression, but for those like me, who were already depressed before this lockdown stupidity, the situation doesn’t effect us as much as those who were used to going out to clubs, bars, malls, exotic destinations, etc. 

However, there are things that I miss before the world completely lost its mind — 

Being Away from the Computer

I thought it was bad fifteen years ago, but now it’s almost impossible to stay away from a screen. I remember the days when I only used to check email once a week, twice at most. Computer use (on a desktop), was limited only when needed or once a while for leisure. Now, it’s become a necessity to login a laptop, a phone, or something other digital device to be connected whether it being a class, work, or virtual social meeting. I know back in the day women used to talk a lot on corded phones (you know, the ones with wires), but now painting with friends virtually is considered normal. What happened to human contact, what happened to being physically present? I remember the movie, The Matrix Reloaded, where a meeting was held inside the matrix. Will that be the future of meeting people, sending virtual avatars to gather at some computer generated location? I certainly hope not, but society is already heading in that trajectory. 

I try to balance this pathetic digital existence by walking in nature and taking time to breathe in the balcony from time to time, but I know I’m not getting as much fresh air as I should be due to the lock down and the fact that the air itself is no where near fresh. When you’re living in the city, or even the suburbs, it’s even worse as parks are hard to come by. Even if you find one, they’re littered with vaccinated sheeple, and I’ll leave it at that.

Quality Friendship and Social Interaction

Everyone seems to just want to be alone and do whatever it is they do. The only ones who seem eager to talk are the lonely elderly, but even they have become less sociable. This type of digital narcissistic isolation started with the internet and cell phones, but this lockdown situation has further perpetuated the problem to where most don’t want to spare a few minutes to talk. They’d rather be glued to a screen all day at virtual work, meetings, or binge watching their favorite TV show. Now I also prefer solitude and like to be alone at times to watch movies and shows. However, I like to balance it at times to have some good old fashion human contact, but apparently that is increasingly becoming the unpopular trend. It already was like that, this situation has just made it worse. In way, it’s good because it gives me the excuse to avoid people, but I do miss those times of having quality company.

Normal Dating Prospects

I feel like I should’ve capitalized on all the previous opportunities I had, because most girls bought the lie and practice social distancing. It also doesn’t help that they’re wearing a mask. Dating apps seem to be the most effective way to break the ice. Also, many have gotten vaccinated so I don’t want to be around them and risk exposure to their mRNA shedding. At least I know which questions to ask to screen out those who are drinking the Kool aid.

Freedom of Movement

Museums, nature sites, and other activities are restricted. A friend and I were planning to travel to a different province to attend in-person precepting for our medical education, however postponed due to the risk of being placed in mandatory isolation. Being broke students, we don’t have the funds to spend an extra two weeks at a hotel. It’s frustrating because traveling to get precepting training wouldn’t normally be a problem, but it is during this lockdown insanity. And it’s not just the travel, being in house arrest, having to fill out stupid COVID self assessment forms, and mask wearing are just some of the unnecessary headaches that make simple things like going to the grocery store more complicated than it needs to be.

Not Having to Do Anything

Believe it or not, technology has further complicated things and this has created longer working hours, the opposite of what was promised by the industrialists. With everything virtual, companies, schools, and federal facilities can track and monitor students and employees to a greater degree. They can see your face, your keystrokes, your login/log out times, and can penalize you for not paying attention or for not working hard enough in their eyes. When writing exams, students are being watched and any eye movement that deviates can be suspected of cheating. The same goes for employees, yawning, stretching, or looking away for a brief moment can be deemed offensive by an angry boss. It was better when there was less technology tracking everything you do. 

I miss having downtime, just relaxing with friends on the grass and taking it all in. The last time I did something like that was going to the beach with my friend and walking barefoot on the sand. Everyone now is frantically working any hours they can find, or burying their head in the books in preparation for some test. 

The competition is growing, and it will only continue to become more cut throat.

Showing my Bear Face

Wearing a stupid mask has become mandatory at pretty much every building. The only place you don’t have to wear it aside from your home is outside. Still, there are plenty who wear masks at parks and will go out of their way to avoid being near a bad citizen like me who doesn’t wear a mask. At times I’ve felt like Frankenstein for simply walking outside. It’s not everyone, it’s just that so long as this COVID insanity is in people’s minds, walking outside will never be the same, unless you get away from people and have access to a private retreat.


Surprisingly beaches are normal, even in Toronto. Buffets on the other hand, are discontinued. I miss all you can eat Indian and Chinese buffets, they were good for my wallet and my voracious appetite. 

While things are expected to open up eventually, I intend to get away from the cesspit of western degeneracy and move to a place without lockdowns, without masks, without social distancing, and without vaccinated people. It’s a dream now, but will soon become reality.

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