Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 May 2021

Women Forced to Wear Face Masks During Childbirth Suffered Vomiting, Panic Attacks, Breathing Difficulties

Women were forced to wear face masks during childbirth, causing vomiting, panic attacks and breathing difficulties, despite official health guidance saying they shouldn’t be made to do so.

The UK charity Pregnant Then Screwed carried out the research by asking 936 women who gave birth during December about their experiences. 160 of them, around one in five, who went into labour were forced to wear a face covering.

A 39-year-old woman called Rosie told BBC News that she felt like she was dying because she was in so much pain, yet health workers continued to insist she wear a mask.

“I was feeling claustrophobic and the mask was making me feel really nauseous and making me panic as well. I’m pushing my baby out, I have this mask on my face, and the feeling of claustrophobia is just massive,” she said.

“I was frightened that amongst everything else that was happening I was then going to be sick inside the mask,” said Rosie, adding that at one point she took off the mask but was immediately ordered to put it back on. Natalie Titherington, another woman forced to wear a mask during childbirth, said she was made to do so despite being 8cm dilated and experiencing severely painful contractions.

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