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7 Ways Dental Clinics Can Use SEO to Reach Patients

Every time patients search for a new dentist online, people will turn to Google. However, the results for a simple “dentist” search results in over 400 million web pages. With that staggering number of search results, how can you make sure that a potential patient finds its way to your site? That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. 

SEO involves a process of increasing both quality and quantity website traffic via organic search results. Researching prospective clients and recognizing what they need and want is the foundation of the best SEO practices. Check out more ways on how you can effectively reach potential patients through SEO. 

#1 Your Website Should Be High-Converting 

This aspect of digital marketing optimization is often overlooked by most dentists and business owners. There is a possibility of your website getting 3,500 clicks every month, but if the conversion rate is below 1%, then there’s something wrong with these strategies. The conversion rate should be at least 3%, realistically speaking. 

Learn from the most trusted digital marketing firms like Local SEO Search Inc. These SEO agencies have implemented a variety of tried and tested strategies that can convert website traffic to paying customers. 

#2 Identify the Most Relevant Keywords 

The most vital component when assessing SEO strategies for dental clinics is to identify high-ranking keywords related to the services you offer. You will want your dental website to rank as close to the top as possible since 75% of people online will only check the first page.

You can use keywords such as, “dental check up” or “dental veneers”. Adding location to a keyword, like “dentists in Burlington, Ontario” for example, will make it stronger. It increases the chance of your webpage showing up when someone in the area searches for your services. Make sure to place the appropriate keywords in your headings, meta-description, website title, and URL.

#3 Understand Local Search Engine Optimization 

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Local SEO is a part of SEO that aims to optimize websites that appeal to potential local patients. It is the pillar of digital marketing for dental services. 

You probably offer certain dental services or use technologies that competitors aren’t. However, bear in mind that prospective patients are not aware of these details. They simply want a local dentist that will treat them with empathy and care. You need to accentuate this non-material aspect of dental services in your digital marketing. 

#4 Solid Presence on Social Media 

Having a strong presence on social media establishes your credibility towards prospective patients. While the algorithm of Google will not impact your website’s search engine ranking, your social media pages can appear on search results. This helps build awareness of your dental services and practice. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the ideal platforms for you to explore. 

#5 Client Reviews

Getting positive reviews on Yelp and Google+ listings helps increase your website ranking. You can ask your patients to give you reviews. Tell them while they are still in your clinic, or via follow-up emails. 

#6 Consider PPC Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a digital advertising model in which advertisers pay a certain fee every time a user clicks one of their ads. For dental clinics, the cost per click is around $2 to $15, which is a bit high. Although this varies depending on the area’s level of competitiveness. 

#7 Testimonials 

Testimonials establish trust and add value, and it is what sells towards prospective patients. So, ask patients for testimonials and place them on your website and other online platforms. 

It’s time to level up your dental services with these effective tactics. If you are unsure of doing these all by yourself, seek professional help. Just make sure it gets done properly, so you’ll reap success later on. 

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