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‘Vaccinated’ People Are Comparing Adverse Reactions in a Reddit Subgroup

A subreddit group is ground zero for vaccinated people who want to compare and ask about adverse reactions after receiving the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

Users at r/CovidVaccinated describe their symptoms after vaccination and ask for advice from other vaccinated users on whether their conditions are normal, or whether they should seek medical help.

The group is a repository of wild anecdotal post-vaccine adverse reactions, but despite the innumerable horror stories vaccines are still being promoted in the group as safe and effective.

In one recent story, a vaccinated user complains of having “pulsatile tinnitus,” or a consistent throbbing or whooshing sound in the ears, after receiving the first dose of the Moderna vaccine, and asks whether they should chance getting the second dose and worsening their symptoms.

“To start this off I want to say I’m very much pro vaccine and am blessed to have gotten it just searching for similar experiences for advice. I am a very healthy person no underlying issues (24F) and 6 weeks ago I got my first shot of moderna and not even a week after I developed pulsatile tinnitus. I have never experienced any sort of tinnitus before this and didn’t think anything of it just thinking it was a weird headache or allergies until multiple days had passed and I still had it. 5+weeks later I’ve dealt with it every single morning and evening. I have also had 6 weeks of extreme fatigue, brain fog, weakness of extremities as well as chest pain and headaches. Covid tests I’ve taken have all been negative too. Doing everyday tasks have become so difficult

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