Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 May 2021

Sorry for mansplaining, but pretty soon the female gender will no longer exist, you’re getting cancelled … unless you speak up! (As I said years ago – ‘toxic masculinity’ was going to be followed by ‘toxic femininity’)

An exam board in England is proposing that a ‘women in literature’ A-level module be replaced by ‘gender in literature’. But why stop at authors? Why not just go the whole hog? It’s coming anyway, let’s just delete ‘women’.

Resist! Females of the world, it’s time to resist!  Women. Girls. Ladies and lasses. Birds and broads. Chicks and babes. Whatever. All you lovely biological human females. Sorry to have to break the news to you, but you’re on the road to cancellation. This brave new world we seem to be falling face first into can only lead to your disappearance.  

It’s a fact, you need to face it. You’re all gonna be blended together into a bland and gender-free nothingness just to placate a tiny – yet hugely vocal – minority.  

This minuscule band of people is a truly misogynistic yet hugely powerful force in this world. It is, of course, the transgender lobby. They’re not ‘woke’, they’re not liberal nor progressive. They are, quite simply, fascists. And it’s not me – a biological male – that they want to suppress, not really.  

It’s the female gender they’re truly after, because YOU are who they REALLY want to be. But they were denied that treat by nature herself, so they have to find another way. 

The latest nonsense, and the list is pretty much endless, comes from one of the UK’s top three exam boards – the Oxford Cambridge and RSA (OCR). Some idiotic OCR managers have asked teachers to vote on improving diversity by choosing new texts for its GCSE and A-level courses. They’ve also been asked whether the title of one A-level module, ‘women in literature’, should be replaced by ‘gender in literature’.  

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