Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 May 2021

Oh, the DESPERATION – Cult-controlled McDonald’s and Uber encourage ‘vaccine-hesitant’ Americans with messages on coffee cups and free rides to ‘vaccine’ centres. But if they are ‘hesitant’ they are intelligent and thus will not fall for this crap, surely?

Incentivising the vaccine-hesitant in America has reached the fast food and ride-share industries. Burger chain McDonald’s has announced it is partnering with the White House to promote vaccination information on its coffee cups.

Separately, Joe Biden announced on Tuesday a new program with Lyft and Uber which will offer free rides to anyone going to a vaccination site to get vaccinated. Starting in July, US customers will see redesigned McCafé cups and delivery-box seal stickers featuring an upbeat message of “We Can Do This”, a slogan created by the US health department.

McDonald’s also said it will unveil a billboard in New York’s Times Square this month displaying vaccine information. Xavier Becerra, the health secretary, said in a statement the public-private partnership “will help more people make informed decisions about their health and learn about steps they can take to protect themselves and their communities”.

As part of Biden’s goal to get 70% of the US adult population vaccinated with at least one shot by 4 July, the ride-share giants Uber and Lyft will promote rides to and from tens of thousands of vaccination sites through their apps, the White House said.

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