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Apple Files Patent to Improve Face ID for Users Wearing Masks

While the world is engulfed in a myriad of controversies surrounding coronavirus, vaccines, threats of war, cyber attacks, hyper-inflation, racial tensions, etc., the biometric surveillance state continues its march to enslave everyone on the planet. Soon, mask wearing won’t even be enough to prevent detection from the forthcoming global surveillance grid.

Apple is doing its best to be at the forefront of the biometric grid by bolstering its facial recognition software. The company has applied for a patent to improve how it identifies user’s faces despite being obscured by masks, scarfs, hair, etc. The story from Biometric Update details how the improved technology will work:

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently published a continuation patent from Apple showing possible improvements to Face ID biometrics in relation to users wearing masks. Specifically, the technology described in the newly published biometric patent would use heat maps to assess the occlusion of landmarks on a user’s face in a captured image.

According to the patent’s text, “occlusion of the user includes the blocking or obscuring of the user (e.g., the face of the user or some portion of the user’s face) by some object (e.g., a finger, a hand, hair, masks, scarfs, etc.) in the image.” The document also explains how the occlusion of the user in captured images often reduces the effectiveness of processing the image in the facial recognition process.

However, using heat maps and calculating the estimated location of landmarks on a user’s face may help biometric algorithms to still identify them correctly, even when they’re wearing masks.

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