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China (The Cult) Inches Closer To World Domination

The Coronavirus was merely a shot across the bow. The Chinese won’t play by the standard rules of warfare until western civilization has been essentially prepped for invasion.

According to the confidential briefing obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Defense Force (ADF) adviser Major-General Adam  Findlay said last year that China was already engaged in “grey zone”  warfare.

Findlay went on to explain that China has “game planned” strategies  to circumvent traditional military red lines to avoid direct conflict,  and so is utilizing more subtle and unconventional forms of attack.

“They know that western democracies have peace, and then, when they  cross a line, we get really angry. Then we start bombing people,” said  General Findlay, according to the sources.

“China said, ‘let’s be smarter. Let’s just play below the threshold, before it goes to war. Let’s achieve things strategically without having war. So, now we have a new dimension.’” China’s use of political warfare is having a confounding effect on the West, which is more accustomed to direct “kinetic” warfare.

China is moving behind-the-scenes toward establishing a major naval port on the west coast of Africa that would host Chinese submarines and aircraft carriers capable of projecting Beijing‘s military power directly into the Atlantic, a top U.S. military official warned on Thursday.

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