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As I’ve been writing for decades – ultra-Zionism (the Sabbatian cult) has a long-term plan to seize control of the al-Aqsa Mosque and rebuild ‘Solomon’s Temple’ on the site – current events are all part of that process. Israel bombs 130 Gaza targets after police clashed with worshippers in Jerusalem

The Israeli military has conducted dozens of deadly strikes across Gaza, after Hamas launched a barrage of rockets, itself accusing Israeli authorities of violently suppressing Palestinian worshipers on a major night of Ramadan.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) shared footage of some of the airstrikes early on Tuesday morning, claiming to have hit 130 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza overnight, including 15 militants, a Hamas “intelligence facility,” as well as several rocket launchers, military outposts, underground “attack tunnels,” and a weapons manufacturing site.

While the military said it took precautions to avoid harm to civilians during the air raids, the Gaza Health Ministry reported 20 civilian deaths in the bombing late on Monday night, among them nine children, in addition to 95 wounded.

The IDF said the sorties were a response to over 200 rockets fired from Gaza on Monday evening and into Tuesday morning, noting that one strike involving an anti-tank missile also left an Israeli citizen “lightly injured” and in need of medical treatment. The Islamic Jihad militant group reportedly took responsibility for the tank-missile, while Hamas claimed several rocket strikes. A rocket also struck an apartment building in Ashkelon, injuring six civilians, according to the IDF.

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