Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 7 May 2021

Totalitarian Psychosis in our World – and our Minds

It should get our attention that every person or group of people that have discovered what the Native Americans call wetiko disease unanimously consider it to be the most important topic—it’s been called “the topic of topics”—to understand in our world today. Wetiko psychosis—which can be conceived of as being a mind-virus—is at the very root of every crisis we face – climate change (and our lack of response and confusion around the issue), the threat of nuclear war, social injustice, political malfeasance, the threat of fascism, financial corruption, endless war, etc. Called by many different names throughout history, the spirit of . renders every other issue secondary, for wetiko is the over-arching umbrella that contains, subsumes, informs and underlies every form of self-and-other destruction that our species is acting out in our world on every scale. If we don’t come to terms with what wetiko is revealing to us, however, nothing else will matter, as there will be no more human species.

The great doctor of the soul C. G. Jung was totally tracking wetiko (just not having the indigenous name), referring to it as “the totalitarian psychosis.” Being that totalitarian forces are creeping all over the world, it greatly behooves us to shed light on this totalitarian psychosis that is at the root of this process in the world.

A form of psychic blindness, wetiko is a psycho-spiritual disease that works through the blind spots of the unconscious and the projective tendencies of the mind so as to hypnotize us via our mind’s own creative power to shape reality. This mind-virus only has power over us to the extent it is not seen, however, which is to say that the way to heal it is to see how it operates, both out in the world and within our own mind.

Not constrained by the conventional laws of third-dimensional space and time, wetiko is nonlocal. It is an inner disease of the soul that discloses itself through the canvas of the outside world. Wetiko has the magical ability to extend itself out into the world and seemingly configure outer events so as to express itself and give itself living material form. In other words, wetiko doesn’t just play itself out within our minds, but through influencing our unconscious and its reactions, manages to act itself out writ large—in full-bodied form—in the world. This is to say that what is happening in the world—just like a dream—is a reflection of a process happening deep within the psyche. Through this magical ability to express itself through the medium of the outside world, wetiko is simultaneously hiding and revealing itself at the same time, depending on our point of view and level of awareness.

We can better understand wetiko’s covert psy-ops by reflecting upon how this mind-virus works within an individual psyche, and recognize how this inner process is being mirrored and acted out in the world. When someone is taken over by the wetiko mind-virus, it is as if an alien, invading power gradually subsumes all of the healthy parts of the body politic and commandeers the executive function of the psyche so as to fulfill its own agenda, which is why the person taken over oftentimes acts in ways that are diametrically opposed to their own best interests.

Totalitarian Psychosis in our World…

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