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Cult script-reader Christopher Whitty: Pandemic outlook remains ‘pretty bleak’ – he’s telling you what the plan is and he must have a date with a Nuremberg trial

Covid-19 is unlikely ever to be eradicated and the outlook for the pandemic remains “pretty bleak” in the medium term, leading Government scientists have said.

England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty said the world will continue to see a “significant” number of deaths unless more effort is made to vaccinate the vulnerable globally.

And he warned that while coronavirus may become a “much milder, chronic disease” in the long term, new variants will continue to cause problems.

Speaking at a Royal Society online event about Covid-19 on Thursday, Prof Whitty said: “In the medium term, the outlook still looks pretty bleak around the world.

“I would really reiterate that until we have got a situation where we have induced immunity in those who are most vulnerable everywhere in the world, we will continue to see really significant morbidity and mortality from this virus.”

Prof Whitty said that while time and science “was on our side”, the virus was not “going to go away”.

He added: “In the long term I do expect that this will become a much milder, chronic disease overall, probably with seasonal peaks, and from time to time there will be enough of an antigenic shift that actually we have another problem to which we have to respond in due course.”

Professor Wendy Barclay, who is advising the Government’s Covid-19 response, said there was “a lot to do” in the medium term in order to bring the pandemic under control.

She said: “We will not eradicate this virus.

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