Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 May 2021

‘We’ll drop the hospital bills if you allow us to put “Covid-19” on your loved-one’s death certificate when they died of something else’

Hi Gareth,
I’m a Brit’ currently marooned in the Philippines. I have been here since Nov 2019 just a few months before covid kicked in. I am an avid follower of both yourself and dad … have been following your dad for the last 13yrs or more 🙂 I was first awakened to ‘things not right’ approx 20yrs ago as a health professional. Both me and my best work mate at the time twigged that the UK government and ‘others were involved in strange stuff … We didn’t like it and after a few years of chewing the fat over many things, decided to bail out of society norms in the UK. We sold up our properties and came out to Asia. Him to Thailand and me to the Philippines. 
Here I am today after to’ing and fro’ing for several years marooned in the Philippines! The UK government did a sweeper flight from here in April 2020 to repatriate UK citizens but they did not come to my province! I do not EVER wish to take a test or vax of any kind. I am ex HM forces Royal Navy and they plied me with unknown vaccines whilst serving, despite my hesitancy and disagreement to accept them! My Philippine wife’s cousin has just told me that his grandpa was hospitalised here with a heart condition (all hospital bills are paid in cash here). Sadly the grandpa passed away and the hospital OFFERED THEM A FREE PASS ON THE BILL IF THEY AGREED TO LET THE HOSPITAL PUT COVID 19 ON THE DEATH CERTIFICATE. FKIN UNBELIEVABLE!!! 
Buying the stats to justify and fulfill their agenda. Incidentally, 90% of people here are vax hesitant or will not take a vax if offered. Bill Gates and his genocidal vaxes have already left a legacy here long before COVID arrived.You are both doing sterling work. I only wish I could be back in the UK to hit the streets and people with the knowledge I Have gleened over 20years. We need to be tackling the SAGE, PROFESSORS AND ADVISORS TO GOVERNMENT IN ORDER TO WEAKEN THEIR NARRATIVE AND PUT THEM IN FEAR OF US..
Take care dude
All the best
Name supplied

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