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State Terror And Kidnapping

In February of this year, Irish Tanaiste, Leo Vardakar resorted to a well established Bolshevik tactic when he labelled a gathering of thousands of Irish people, who were marching through Dublin City in protest of the nation’s farcical COVID lockdown policy, as ‘bonkers’. Doing so, Varadakar made it clear, in a roundabout way, that anyone who dissents against the government could be assumed mentally unwell, sectioned and placed in a looney farm. He had confirmed that the Stalinist ploy to rid the country of opposition by locking them up in mental asylums had been adopted by the sitting Fianna Fail/Fine Gael/Green Party, World Economic Forum-sponsored cartel. On pointing this out to the hypnotised normies of Europe’s only fluoride-mandating nation, I was laughed at and fobbed off as a tin-hat wearing zany conspiracy theorist. 

I pointed out further that legislation had recently been enacted in the country, with the COVID-19 illusory virus pandemic used as an excuse to change existing laws, in an effort to further tighten the grip of arbitrary control of the Irish people. The Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (Covid-19) Bill and the special powers granted to the Department of Health via the 2020 Mental Health Care Act, meant that an Irish citizen could be detained against their will without access to a lawyer, arrested without a warrant, subjected to force and coercion, and put before a single person tribunal who had full authority to have him or her isolated and placed in a detention facility of any sort, including, but not limited to, a psychiatric hospital. Once again, the Bolshevik techniques and the poisonous styles used to stifle political dissent were plain to be seen. Once again though, the majority of Irish men and women whom I spoke to about this, brushed it off as a minor triviality and showed no concern for its threat to their liberties. It was all for our own good, apparently.

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