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Which Are the Best Tires Canada for My Car?

Understanding Types of Tires Canada

Car owners replace tires Canada due to various reasons. Some buy new tires because the old ones are worn out, others want tires that are fit for the climate, and other drivers replace them because they are not comfortable with the current set. Getting the right tires should be treated as an essential process because your tires will determine if you get the right safety and comfort when on the road. 

It is essential to look at the tread pattern of the tires you are planning to purchase. Besides, you should not overlook the climatic conditions of the environment you operate in and the type of tires in Canada that you buy. However, you are not going to achieve this if you are ignorant about the types of tires available in the market. Learn more about tires Canada in our guide.

  1. Types Of Automobile Tires

 They are classified into four categories. Each of these tire types has different characteristics. Check out the four types of automobile tires Canada.

  1. Highway Tires

You will know a tire is a highway tire if it has a mark of HT to denote Highway terrain or HP to mean Highway Performance. These tires in Canada are mainly made for dry roads. They offer good traction on these roads and are not noisy. 

Besides, highway terrain tires have less effective self-cleaning properties. They will not self-clean dirt from their pattern or remove stones. These are all poor off-road properties. The grip characteristics of the highway tires are not the best in wet and snowy roads, and drivers are discouraged from using them in winter. 

There is a difference between tires marked with HT and those of HP. Highway performance tires are best when used on asphalt. On the other hand, highway tires will perform on hard surface roads and earth roads. You can drive up to a speed of 210 km/h with HP tires, while with HT, they are made to be operated at a speed of 180 km/h. 

  1. Mud-Terrain Tires

Mud terrain tires Canada have an MT mark on them. They offer the best performance on rocky roads and deep mud. This is made possible by their tread, which has deep lines and large blocks. You will notice that there is a wide gap between the blocks for easy self-cleaning and to give the high tire quality. 

Mud terrain tires have lateral lugs to ensure the tire offers enough traction when driving on mud. However, you might not like these tires with their high noise level. They also have low breaking performance on asphalt. The maximum acceleration you can get with mud terrain tires is 160 km/h.

  1. All-Terrain Tires

They have a symbol of AT on them to denote All-Terrain. They perform well on different surfaces, whether wet or dry. You can also drive on rocky gravel roads with all-terrain tires comfortably. These tires Canada are widely preferred since they have a low noise level and give excellent comfort on the road. 

They also offer good off-road properties. The tires online in Canada have good self-cleaning properties since their pattern has greater blocks with a more significant distance between them. 

  1. Sport Tires

You will recognize sport tires with a mark of ST to mean Sport Terrain. They can fit in the position between highway terrain and all-terrain tires. If you drive on asphalt, sport tires will be your best choice. They also offer good performance on off-roads, but with less extreme conditions. 

These tires can best be driven on urban driving cycles and out-of-town roads. They feature a medium-sized and less aggressive tread at the center, which reduces noise. They also have a big shoulder block to provide comfort when driving off-road. 

  1. Which Type Of Tire Should I Buy?

When choosing the tires online Canada, consider the tread pattern. This is a more significant influence on the speed index, off-road properties, and noise levels. Tires with an aggressive tread pattern have a lower speed index and give good off-road properties. 

Those with high noise levels offer less comfort. Therefore, it is essential to know your terrain and what your car performs best on—doing a little research before purchasing will help. 

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