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Unmasking the Big Lies of Rigged Covid-19 “Vaccine” Studies and the Jab Propaganda they Manufactured

Much has been made about Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s “vaccines” are high success rate in treating Covid-19. Figures are bandied about that score the overall efficacy of these experimental cocktails as high as 95% citing studies that were conducted last year during a three month window where tens of thousands of volunteers were given a mix of jabs and placebos. These same studies have been used as a justification to inject hundreds of millions of people around the world based on the premise that the “vaccines” will bring this dreaded pandemic to an end.

Before you decide to join the parade and have a needle plunged in your arm under the assumption that these “vaccines” are safe and effective, you might want to pause before you take an action that will lead to irreparable damage or death. Instead of blindly following the press-releases of biotech corporations that are being echoed by politicians, media personalities and medical professionals, do your own research because these studies are as fraudulent as Enron’s accounting practices. What the establishment are engaging in is criminal negligence and as they either knowingly or unwittingly perpetuate what is arguably the biggest hoax in world history.

I did not realize just how much of a scam these “clinical studies” were until I ran across a tweet from my alma mater Johns Hopkins University that touted how the “vaccines” stopped symptomatic Covid-19 and make it highly unlikely that someone can be infected at all. Instantly, I realized that the tweet was duplicitous at best; they were admitting that the “vaccines” were not vaccines at all because they only extenuate the symptoms and do not offer long-term immunization. This is something that all the major Covid-19 “vaccine” manufacturers admit; at best the snake oil that they are peddling offer short-term inoculation but still leave people susceptible to catching Coronavirus even after people develop “vaccine” induced antibodies.

This is a reason why the CDC recommends that people keep wearing masks indoors, avoid large gatherings and keep social distancing even after they get injected with these pharmaceutical nostrums. If these were actual vaccines like the one that essentially wiped out polio and small pox, they would not have to worry about contracting those feared diseases once they got immunized. To the contrary, people who sign up to become lab rats for these “vaccines” have no assurance that they will be safe from Covid-19. At best people who take part in this ongoing clinical trial develop antibodies that wear off after 3-6 months, yet even during that window they are still at risk of catching and transmitting SARS-Cov-2.

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