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Storage Containers: U-Haul vs Pod

What is a Storage Container? A storage container can be used for many different things. They are great for storing anything from clothes to cars to food. There are many other options when it comes to choosing the right one for you and your needs. If you’re in need of a safe and reliable way to store your belongings during an extended time, or if you want something easy to load and unload with minimal hassle, then getting yourself a storage container might be the best option!

Storage containers are a great way to store your belongings in a safe and convenient location. They come in many different styles, sizes, and price ranges. There are two main types of storage containers: U-Haul Moving Boxes and PODs Containers. This article will tell you what the difference between these two types of containers is, how they compare with size, quality, pricing options, insurance option availability, etc.

Sizes of Container

POD Containers are offered in three sizes, while U-Haul Moving Boxes come in two sizes.

POD containers can range anywhere from 16 feet to 40 feet long, and they can be as wide as eight feet or narrow as four foot six inches. They also have a variety of heights: ten or sixteen feet tall. The smallest container size is perfect for someone who has just moved into their new home on the opposite side of town and still needs some storage space until moving day arrives. At the same time, the largest PODs Container size would suit an owner with a large collection of furniture that needs to be stored during renovations at their house that will last longer than anticipated. If you are about to hire U-Haul UBox, go through a detailed review of Ubox so that you are more aware about the facts about them.

U-Haul containers come in three sizes: 12ft, 14 ft., and 20 ft. The smallest available container size would suit someone who needs to store several boxes or other small items that temporarily move out from their house while undergoing repairs. The largest available container size suits homeowners with larger storage needs such as furniture or something like an oversize automobile vehicle, which can’t be transported inside a traditional garage due to its height when parked on street level.

Quality of Containers

Storage containers are an investment. Therefore, purchasing the right one is important, as your needs change over time or relocate to a different area of the country.

U-Haul’s containers are made out of steel, whereas Pod’s containers are made out of aluminum. U-Haul’s 12ft and 14 ft container come with a lifetime guarantee against rusting on the exterior and interior walls. Pods Containers offer steel that doesn’t rust for life (with optional insurance) but at a higher cost than their competitors.

Prices of Containers

When comparing the prices of storage containers, the two brands offer an average cost for their product with slight variations.

U-Haul offers three sizes: a 12 ft container ($399), 14ft container ($499) and 16 ft container ($599). Pod’s price ranges from $349 to $549. 

The difference in pricing is due to size as well as construction material (steel vs. aluminum). Both companies offer discounts on moving services when buying or renting a truck along with your storage unit. Both companies also provide insurance options such as flood coverage and theft protection at varying costs according to the level of coverage purchased.

Pods Containers are cheaper than U-Haul’s but lack a lifetime warranty against rusting like its competitor does.

Insurance Options

  • PODS offers an insurance option with various levels of coverage.
  • Full Coverage: $99 for one year, or a one-time payment of $499* No deductible/excess fee + replacement cost for contents up to the purchase price.
  • Basic Coverage: $49 for two years; includes accidental damage (i.e., sudden and unexpected natural events) on your PODS container as well as theft protection (reimbursement if you are a victim of burglary). There are no deductible/ excess fees for this level of coverage but only cover 50% – 90% off the retail value based on which plan you choose.
  • No Insurance Option – There is no additional charge not to have any insurance.

U-Haul insurance option is a little different. It is in two levels:

  • U-Haul Protection Plus (Cost $80 for one year) includes the following coverage options
  • Vandalism and Theft protection up to 50% off the purchase price of your container.
  • Damage from sudden & unexpected natural events -reimbursement based on the retail price at the time of loss or damage. There is no deductible/excess fee but only covers 100% if you have additional UBELONG Insurance*
  • UBELONG Coverage ($20 per month plus cost of insurance) * The standard plan offers these coverages with an unlimited deductible amount + replacement value for contents up to the purchase price, while the Premier Plan offers the same as Standard + accidental damage coverage.

Delivery of the Containers to your home

U-Haul offers delivery at no cost, while Pod charges $299 for a one-time fee.

Availability of containers to pick up

Pods are available to be picked up in 24 hours, while U-Haul containers take at least two weeks after your order to be picked up


The U-Haul vs. Pod comparison will hopefully clarify which company might work better depending on your personal needs. Still, we know other factors come into play, too, like prices or insurance options. So, we hope this article helped give you some direction when it comes time to make an important decision! If not, feel free to reach out anytime, and our team of experts would love to help find the perfect solution for your situation!

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