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Choose the Best Notification Sound for Your Smartphone

Everybody has at least once grabbed a phone when hearing a typical notification sound of the Android or iOS system just to find out that it was not your device producing the noise. It can drive you crazy, really. Standard audio signals are needed to notify a user about a new message, yet some of them can be annoying. We believe that a good notification sound should be functional, loud, and short while having some meaning for you or just being funny. The service Notification Sounds offers a big range of different sounds you can use for free. 

Main Categories of Notification Sounds

Some alert messages can be informative and even atmospheric, depending on their type. You can opt for one or several signals from the list offered by

  • alarm clock
  • animal-like
  • background music
  • beep
  • bell 
  • classical music
  • doorbell 
  • drum loops
  • funny sounds
  • loops
  • nature
  • relaxing 
  • misc
  • scary 

Many various programs run on your mobile phone because it works as a personal computer. Some of them are background apps, and usually, the user does not see their activity until some problems appear. Then, you will receive a notification informing you about the issue. This sound must be truly attention-grabbing. 

Also, there are many applications for communication or work, and they send you dozens of notifications every day. Therefore, different sounds should be used to separate warnings from daily information flow and work-related messages — from private life. Fortunately, gives you a chance to choose the best sound kit for all the programs on your smartphone. 

Finally, it should also be noted that some sounds can be protected by law as intellectual property. Please be sure that you do not break the rules when downloading an audio track. features only legal and free-for-use options. 

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