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Report Says 5G Could Increase Power Consumption by 61 Times from 2020 to 2030

Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit 5G installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums due to economic, environmental, health, and public safety risks.

Increased energy consumption is both an economic and environmental concern.  5G requires millions of small cells and/or antennas to operate.  Recently, China announced having close to 800,000 5G towers in operation.  France announced having 22,000+.  170 cities and municipalities in Germanyhave 5G.  Of course, those aren’t the only locations where 5G has been deployed (see 1234).  The point is that experts keep pointing out that 5G needs a whole lot more energy to operate (see 1234).  Some folks are very concerned about that.

ABI Research White Paper: 5G and Energy Consumption

A 2020 ABI Research DataCenter Forum white paper Environmentally Sustainable 5G Deploymentreports that 5G could increase power consumption by 61 times from 2020 to 2030. This is one of numerous industry report stating that 5G and the phenomenal growth in internet traffic from the internet of things will dramatically increase energy consumption.

Environmental Health Trust has compiled a list of White papers and research report documenting the increased energy consumption from 5G and wireless networks. Please download EHT’s List of Studies on 5G and Increased Energy Use and EHT’s Factsheet on 5G and Climate Change

Excerpts from the white paper:

“As 5G usurps LTE, energy consumption is expected to increase 61x between 2020 to 2030 due to the energy demands of powerful network elements like massive MIMO and edge servers, the proliferation of 5G cell sites, and the flexibility of the 5G networks in both consumer and enterprise use cases”

“Power consumption of the 5G network is expected to soar due to active network elements like energy-hungry baseband units, remote radio heads, small cells, and core networks”

“As 5G deployment continues to gain momentum, the energy consumption of cellular network will outpace the energy consumption growth in many countries. Growing at 9% CAGR, the cellular network is expected to grow at the same rate as prominent emerging economies in the world, such as Vietnam and Bangladesh. By 2030, global cellular network will break into the top 20 ranking for the global household or domestic energy consumption ranking by country, consuming 51.3 Mtoe per year, or roughly the same amount of energy as all the households in Australia and the United Kingdom.”

“end devices constituting 37% of the overall energy consumption of the cellular network by 2030”

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