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U.S. Military Is “Leading the Charge” on 5G Despite Warnings and Opposition

American opposition to 5G deployment continues to increase due to concerns about reduced property value (see 123), public safety (see 123456), health (see 12345678), cybersecurity and environmental risks.  5G base stations use 2-3X more energy than 4G (see 1234).  They are also at a greater risk overheating.

Some have referred to 5G deployment as a form of “environmental racism”. The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) recently published a reportrecommending that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) give installation authority back to municipal governments.  Senators are also asking (again) that the FCC allow municipal input on installation.

Even if the FCC did decide to give authority back to municipal governments, the U.S. Military wants 5G despite all the warnings and opposition which coincidentally have been left out of an article published by NextGov: 

Why the Military Is Leading the Charge on 5G

It’s not unlike the way that the military heavily invested in radar technology during World War II.

By now, many of us are already experiencing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 5G technology. Even my personal smartphone occasionally flashes up the 5G symbol when I’m streaming something or using a web application. Unfortunately for me, I don’t see too much of a difference between 4G and 5G networking, but again, most of us only get to see the tiniest bit of what 5G can offer.

Right now, the reason for this is because most 5G networking for the general public is simply a 5G signal layered on top of a 4G infrastructure. Most of the cell towers as well as the backend networking hardware is all 4G, so we don’t get to experience anything even close to a pure 5G experience.

A pure 5G communications system would be almost fully software-based, right down to running on a software-defined network. And because it would be free of mechanical and hardware constraints, a fully 5G network would not just experience 100 times the speed of its 4G predecessors, but also have 100 times lower latency, more reliability and lower power consumption needs. That is why the military is really leading the charge on 5G adoption, ahead of even the private sector in a lot of ways.

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