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The Trigger & Renegade – On Offer All Weekend

The Trigger

You are holding a book that those it exposes never thought would ever be written in the modern climate of systematic and extraordinary censorship.

But David Icke has never been one to follow other people’s rules and impositions or bow to intimidation no matter what the source. He believes that with freedom being deleted by the day that someone has to have the courage to call out those transforming human society into a global prison camp in which only the ‘right’ opinions and information are allowed.

The central theme of The Trigger is what happened on 9/11 and the force that was really behind those attacks – no, not 19 ‘Islamic extremists’ who somehow flew wide-bodied jets with fantastic skill while being dubbed incompetent by flying instructors in one-engine ‘puddle-jumpers’.

The Trigger, however, is not only about 9/11. In exposing the network that orchestrated and covered-up those horrific attacks Icke reveals the force that is dictating your life in increasingly fine detail and leading the world along a dark and dangerous road to total Orwellian global control.

The book is written in two distinct, but fundamentally connected parts, and together they represent perhaps the most controversial book of modern times – and long before that – given the ever-gathering climate of mass oppression, censorship and freedom deletion. David Icke has had the courage to write it.

Do you have the courage to read it? If you do it will transform your view of 9/11. It will transform your view of everything.

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The Answer


“Whether you’re well acquainted with David’s work, or have only recently begun to research what he’s all about, or even if you know little to nothing about him but are curious, then this film is a must watch” (Jordan, Viewer on Amazon Prime Video)

“How times have changed. I still recall watching the infamous Wogan interview; but what a turnaround. There are so many things to like about this documentary of David Icke’s life–not just the theories, which have never been more relevant, but also the obvious affection, support, and protectiveness of his family and friends. Plus, he has a wicked sense of humor.” (Patrick, Viewer on Amazon Prime Video)

“Totally loved it, been eagerly waiting for David’s movie to come out, hopefully it will hit the mainstream. Highly Recommend a watch” (Richard, Itunes Viewer)

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