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Moronic Cops Swarm Innocent Kids, Steal Bikes, Arrest Them Over Stop for ‘Bicycle License’

Perth Amboy, NJ — In the land of the free, the government will often times take an entirely harmless, normal, and common activity — like setting up a lemonade stand — and force people to pay them for the “privilege” of doing so. If you fail to pay for permission from the state to engage in said activity, they can and will bring the hammer down on you. Several children in Perth Amboy, New Jersey learned this the hard way recently after they were swarmed by cops for not have a “license tag” on their bicycles.

The city of Perth Amboy is a tyranny. Thanks to greedy politicians and proponents of the police state, citizens who wish to ride a bicycle — even children — must pay them a fee every year for the privilege of peddling. According to the ridiculous law, citizens must ask the chief of police for permission to ride their own bicycles:

An application for a license to own and operate a bicycle shall be made to the Chief of Police in writing upon a form approved by the City Council. Upon approval of an application, the Chief of Police shall provide, at the expense of the city, a proper license tag which shall be attached to the frame of the bicycle in a substantial manner. The removal of such tag, except by proper authority, shall be a violation of this chapter. A license fee of fifty cents ($0.50) shall be charged per year for each bicycle. Such license shall be issued as of the calendar year and shall be effective for such period.

If you fail to follow the legislation to the ‘T’, police and government claim the authority to steal your bicycle, extort, and even kidnap and cage you.

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