Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 April 2021

Deadly variants? More lies on the road to endless lockdown

IN MY last TCW post about the lies that map the road to endless lockdown, I concluded that the Government’s Covid vaccination programme had little to do with health and all to do with social and political control.

I touched on the role in this process played by the Government’s exploitation of the ‘mutant’ variant phenomenon, variants that are, as has been explained by Dr Mike Yeadon and others, 99.7 per cent identical – a difference too minimal to evade immunity. This fundamental (benign) characteristic has not stopped the Government from ‘manufacturing’ successive deadly variant threats around them, the latest being the Indian coronavirus variant, with new sets of forecast ‘spikes’ or surges accompanying each.

Forget about the Covid surge predicted by the Government’s scientific advisers when schools went back on March 8 which failed to materialise. The British variant that we’d been told by the Government was more deadly and more contagious than what had gone before failed to live up to its headlines. 

Nevertheless the myth of these deadly variants continues to be useful. On the back of them one government adviser after another predicted spikes from June through to August. British, Brazilian and South African variants have all been mooted. Ramping up the variant scare last week was Imperial College’s Professor Danny Altmann, who claimed that ‘we should be terribly concerned’ about the discovery of 77 cases of the Indian Covid variant in Britain.

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