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Gym Owner Details Constant Harassment by Fascist Canadian ‘Covid’ Police State — 16 Visits, No Fines

It’s a difficult time to be an entrepreneur with a physical location that can be held hostage by the ever-changing COVID restrictions and requirements. Its’ even more difficult when you can be harassed physically, as an increasing number of people are getting visits from police as the COVID crackdown ramps up even further in Canada.

Well-known Canadian martial arts academy, Tristar Gym, based in Montreal, has long been a pillar of the worldwide professional MMA community. Its owner, Firas Zahabi, has been the trainer of champions, including most famously UFC champion Georges St-Pierre. Nevertheless, according to Zahabi, his decades of notoriety don’t seem to be helping as a confluence of events has resulted in his business and employees enduring constant harassment.

In the video below, Firas discusses how he believes that these visits could ultimately be stemming from a disgruntled neighbor. While that has not yet been legally substantiated to my knowledge, it is being done within the trappings of the COVID police checkups that are also becoming far more routine across Canada. Neighbors are being encouraged to report neighbors in this “new normal”, which only exacerbates personal altercations like this one.

Firas details the COVID restrictions he has to deal with even without the troublesome neighbor, the inconsistent application of rules, and how the police are showing extreme force during these frequent visits. Lastly, Firas concludes with his disappointment of being a Lebanese immigrant whose parents arrived in Canada seeking freedom. Now, decades later, this law-abiding citizen, training the youth in the ways of health and self-sufficiency, is being treated like a criminal. He’s now considering leaving Canada due to the ongoing oppression.

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