Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 April 2021

‘Covid’ jabs: If you don’t learn from history you are destined to repeat it

In 2009 the Swine flu pandemic was being exaggerated to scare the public.  I have Diabetes type 1, and was “advised” to get the vxn, as a high risk patient. Normally i wouldn’t bother. But with the swine flu scare stories, i thought, why not!
Within a month I had developed full blown flu and was hospitalised because of complications with my Diabetes.
A month later I was hospitalised again for a second time with severe problems with my diabetic blood glucose controls. Something I had never had any concerns with during the previous 20+ years which I had, had diabetes.
I became so ill that I had to give up work, and cancel as many payments as possible as I had no income. (Including mortgage life insurance).

Within another two months I ventured to A&E on about 3 separate occasions, complaining of excruciating pain in my head. I was repeatedly told “it was probably a migraine and to go home and rest!
My partner is a first aider, i woke her up in the early hours and she noticed that i appeared to be showing signs of having suffered a stroke, (aged 30).
I was rushed to my local hospital and was tested for many different illnesses, all coming back negative or inconclusive.  The doctors were baffled!
I had various seizures and fits during my 4 weeks in hospital, in various states of  consciousness. Finally having a particularly rare type of seizure in front of a neurological specialist, he stated that it was very rare, and he had never seen a patient but he had studied a condition named Guillain–Barré syndrome! Proceeded to take a sample of spinal fluid and had it tested! I was finally diagnosed as having the even rarer chronic version of GBS syndrome, named CIDP. Google GBS and known links to vaccines, discredited by the so called “experts”.
It wasn’t until this latest pandemic and witnessing the same scare stories (word for word) falling into the same patterns, including the blood clots on the brains of certain patients, that I managed to join the dots together on my own experience!

Please help me to warn the world of the dangers of this Frankenstein medicine!
I am willing to stand in court against these big Pharma companies and reverse their government approved lack of  responsibilities towards patients!

Nick Taylor

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